Frédéric Fanget

Assert Yourself Publication date : January 3, 2008

How do you go about addressing a friendly social gathering or a meeting at work? How can you say “no” to a pushy friend or to a colleague who tends to take advantage of you? What should you do so you can come out of a salary negotiation with your boss feeling satisfied with the result? How should you respond to reproaches made by your spouse or partner, or by a hierarchical superior?

This is a clear and complete manual to help you find your place in your social context, neither too passively nor too aggressively.

More than 40,000 copies of this book have been sold in the earlier “Guide pour s'aider soi-même” (self-help) edition.

The author provides dozens of tips for daily use. This is a most helpful book, whether you choose to read it from cover to cover, or to dip into it to find out more about specific issues.

A medical psychiatrist specialising in self-assertion, Frédéric Fanget practises in Lyon. He is the author of such highly successful books as Affirmez-vous!, Oser and Toujours mieux! He is the co-author, with Bernard Rouchouse, of Guide clinique de thérapie cognitive et comportementale.