Stephan Eliez

Being a Parent and Liking Yourself As You Did Before The Strength of Mentalization within the Couple Publication date : January 29, 2020

Stephan Eliez is a child psychiatrist. He has been treating children and adolescents and their families for many years. First a professor at Stanford University in California, today he is professor of child psychiatry at the University of Geneva. He also heads a clinical neuroscience research team that works on autism, emerging psychoses, as well as on rare neurodevelopmental disorders.
How, despite the years and the hassles that often occur in the life of a family, preserve and even strengthen the feeling of love between a couple?
A great number of works on conjugal problems start from the notion that what must be improved is communication. In fact, research done in the past fifteen years shows that the type of interaction and the form exchanges take have a far greater impact than do the actual contents of communication. The object of this book specifically is to help you communicate better with your partner in your daily life by using the broad techniques of mentalization which have been proven to work in therapy (mentalization-based therapy).
By developing your capacity for mentalization, by learning to better interpret the emotions and intentions of the person you love, you will be better able to manage the big problems together, those that are often associated with family life, and which can weaken your relationship (the education of children, relationships with the in-laws, sharing household tasks, managing money, a disappearing sex life…).