Déborah Ducasse, Véronique Brand-Arpon

BPD Sufferers: Overcoming the Daily Challenges A practical guide to home therapy Publication date : May 17, 2017

Déborah Ducasse is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Véronique Brand-Arpon is a psychotherapeutic nurse and a doctor in health biology. Together, they introduced innovative psychotherapeutic practices in France, including the creation of the first centre specializing in Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Both work at the University Hospital of Montpellier.

This book is a programme to help people with borderline personality disorder to break free of their suffering. BPD is a personality disorder characterized by acute impulsiveness and marked instability of emotions, interpersonal relationships and self-image.
How can we help borderline people regain order in their lives when their impulsiveness, their hypersensitivity, their difficulty regulating emotions, their fear of abandonment, make everyday life hard to bear? For these people, there is a very real risk of depression. But the usual answers are not always effective…
This is why borderline people need care strategies that help them out of their suffering. Designed by a team of clinicians as a true therapeutic support to follow at home, this self-care guide was written in response to that need. The reader is accompanied throughout a guided journey that enables him to work, step by step, on his fears, barriers and progress. This guide integrates for the first time the central elements of the different therapies: dialectical behavioral therapy, acceptance and engagement therapy, and positive psychology.
A scientifically validated practical guide that helps to regain the hope of living a life that has meaning for oneself.