Jean-Louis Monestès

Change With Darwin Publication date : May 25, 2010

This book shows how Darwin's theory of evolution can be used to understand and change ordinary behaviour.

It would seem that human behaviour mirrors the rules of natural selection: certain types of human behaviour may disappear, others proliferate (sometimes excessively), while others seem to serve no purpose at all and to occur randomly.

The author argues that evolutionary theory, as well as advances in the natural and social sciences, can help us learn more about human behaviour, thus enabling us to surpass ourselves and change the way we act.

The practical methods proposed here — developed at the crossroads of science and psychology — will enable us to acquire good habits (or overcome bad ones) and to work toward what really matters to us. Based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and on cognitive and behavioural therapies, these methods tell us to use the support of others to change, to develop positive reflexes, overcome obstacles that hinder change, refuse to struggle against impossible odds and, sometimes, to learn to accept things as they are.

• “Personal Darwinism” is an exciting new approach to personal development that draws on evolutionary theory.

• Written in a clear, accessible style, this book will appeal to readers who are interested in evolution and in determining what constitutes our humanity, as well as to those seeking practical advice on how to determine, and commit themselves to, their core concerns.

Jean-Louis Monestès, a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, is a member of the Laboratory for Functional Neurosciences and Pathologies at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS). He teaches several postgraduate courses and trains professional caregivers, psychologists and psychiatrists.