Stéphany Orain-Pélissolo

Embrace Your Pain, Eliminate Your Suffering Mindfulness Therapy Publication date : March 21, 2018

Stéphany Orain-Pélissolo is a clinical psychologist. She practices in Paris.
This book looks at pain and suffering

It rests on a surprising observation, but which is scientifically founded: suffering occurs when we refuse to acknowledge a painful experience, whether physical or psychic. As paradoxical as that might seem, one must, then, in order for suffering to stop, confront one’s pain.

In this book Stéphany Pelissolo explains the precise mechanisms that transform our pain into suffering, and the proactive principles of therapy based on mindfulness that act directly on those mechanisms. With the help of audio files, she guides us step by step to enable us by ourselves (without medication) to feel less pain when we go through a period of suffering.

The aim of this book is to help everyone embrace their pain with compassion and thereby to eliminate suffering in order to leave room for all of the energy for life we have within us!