Jacques-Antoine Malarewicz

The End of Psychotherapy Publication date : September 8, 2011

A psychoanalyst, psychiatrist specialising in family psychotherapy and a systemician, Jacques-Antoine Malarewicz is also a consultant for business enterprises. He is the author of some twenty works, including L’Hypnose thérapeutique, Repenser le couple and, more recently, Petits deuils en entreprise.

Psychotherapy is threatened with extinction. That is the thesis of this book which goes on to examine the challenges and goals of psychotherapy: how does one become oneself by confiding in another person? What does the art of psychotherapy consist in that enables it to realise such a transformation?
Based on a reinterpretation of the Promethean myth, Jacques-Antoine Malarewicz urges us to reflect on what would happen to a society that focuses only on the short-term if psychotherapy died out: we would then witness the loss of a relation to time and to the Other opposed to modern consumerism, and the disappearance of forms of wisdom and rituals that are not in accordance with efficient rationality.
Drawing on his clinical experience, the author decries the extensive and abusive diagnosis of depression. His criticisms focus on a long list of therapeutic techniques that he believes are paving the way to an increasingly biological and normative approach to psychic suffering. This is a much-needed reflection on psychotherapy.

• A stunning book by an eminent specialist, decrying the state of psychotherapy and its forthcoming demise.
• A necessary and far-reaching reflection that takes us beyond psychotherapy and poses grave social questions.