Clémence Peix-Lavallée

Finding Your Inner Strength Overcoming Stress and Burnout Publication date : September 5, 2018

Clémence Peix Lavallée is a scientist, has a Master of Science in physical chemistry from the Université Pierre et Marie Curie. Consultant in the performance and quality of life at work in companies, practicing sophrologist, TEDx lecturer, APM expert for company directors. Author of Bien dormir sans médicaments.
Burnout is a true social phenomenon. A large number of people are afflicted.

Physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion, burnout affects our ability to act, to think, our mood, even our vitality. It affects the three dimensions of the human being. To avoid it, the objective is to be able to regulate those three levels of energy: physical, emotional, and mental. Sophrology is a technique that deals with these three levels, its objective being to rediscover a state of equilibrium propitious to health, serenity, clarity, and energy in all its dimensions.

What are the warning signs? What can you do when you feel on the verge of burnout? What are the strategies that enable you to recover afterwards? What method can you use to protect yourself and to not relapse? This book aims to provide answers to those questions, diagnostic tests for vulnerabilities, solutions to be clinically validated, edifying stories, and exercises to practice. To escape burnout forever, restoring one’s inner power is the path to follow.