Gustave-Nicolas Fischer

Healing Your Life An Inner Journey Publication date : March 4, 2015

Gustave-Nicolas Fischer is a specialist in the psychology of health. An honorary professor of psychology, he currently practises in Montreal and Geneva. He is the author of numerous authoritative works, notably on the links between body and mind, including Les Blessures psychiques and Psychologie du cancer, both published by Editions Odile Jacob.
When a life is broken by a serious accident, illness or other catastrophe, how does the victim manage to pick up the pieces and overcome the traumatic event? First of all, there is resilience, whose beneficial effects are well known. Psychotherapy and other forms of psychological assistance for dealing with trauma also have a role to play. The author is familiar with such supports, having worked and taught in these areas for decades. But in this book he has chosen to go further.
A personal trauma urged him to do so. It acted as a trigger that made him look beyond his habitual scientific framework and to seek another approach to healing — one that turned the healing process into a new life experience, transforming the self and existence. The book describes this inner journey as a series of steps: stop complaining, recover self-confidence, fully experience your reencounter with the self, and act on a day-to-day basis by practising healing acts.
Only then does the understanding dawn that healing has much more to offer than health and wellness: it enables a victim whose life was broken to rise up as a new person.

• A message of wisdom that draws on the author’s professional and personal experiences.
• A vehement and brave book that explains to a wide readership the life-long repercussions of psychological trauma.
• A thoughtful book that gives the keys to the healing process to anyone who suffers.