Stéphanie Hahusseau

How to Have a Happy Love Life Publication date : January 22, 2009

For many of us, finding happiness in our love life is not easy. For some, finding a soul mate seems difficult. For others, it is making a relationship last that is hard. Some suffer because they are too passionate; others because they can't seem to “fall in love”.

Much of the advice that is given on the subject of love and of “managing” its ups and downs — “don't lose your head” or “avoid conflict to make things last” — is totally useless, with the result that in matters of the heart we always feel that we are to blame or that we are total failures.

This book aims to show us how to lead a happier love life, by providing:

• Clear explanations so we can understand our “love profile”.

• Practical advice to enable us to live through the successive steps in a relationship or love affair more happily.

• Information based on the results of recent scientific research.

• Tests and practical tips, whose effectiveness has been demonstrated.

This highly accessible book, which is both sensitive and humorous, is a joy to read. The author, a psychiatrist specialising in the emotions, has written several successful books for the general reader.

Stéphanie Hahusseau is a physician, psychiatrist and psychotherapist specialising in the emotions. She works in Toulouse, where she divides her time between her practice, teaching and writing. She is the author of Comment ne pas se gâcher la vie (2003) and Tristesse, peur, colère. Agir sur ses émotions (2006), and the co-author of Guide de psychologie de la vie quotidienne, edited by Christophe André (2008).