Philippe Benzekri

I Was Bulimic, Too Publication date : February 15, 2007

In this book, a man expresses himself openly about his experience with bulimia, a disorder that is frequently associated with adolescent girls.
Yet many men suffer from eating disorders.
In this deeply moving testimonial, Philippe Benzechri reveals his own experience and feelings and reviews the options that are open to bulimics: different forms of treatment, physicians, hospitalisation, discussion groups.
Above all, he discloses the role that personal history plays in this disorder, evoking his own childhood — his mother’s symbiotic relationship with him, his father’s violence, his own sexual identity — and he asks: What can be done to overcome such problems, and to help victims get on with their lives?

Benzechri’s new perspective calls into question much of the received wisdom on bulimia, its causes and forms of treatment.
This stirring personal account, free of all taboos, will give hope and assistance to bulimia sufferers, their families and friends.

Philippe Benzekri is 31 years old. Ten years of his life were devastated by bulimia. He now works in the legal profession, and is trying to lead a normal life despite the cataclysm caused by this destructive disease.