Jean-Luc Ducher

Overcoming Anxiety All By Yourself Publication date : October 17, 2018

Jean-Luc Ducher is a psychiatrist in Clermont-Ferrand. He is a clinician, psychotherapist, professor, and does research in depression and anxiety.
Anxiety in 100 questions/answers
The number of people suffering from anxiety continues to grow. We are living in a world that actually encourages anxious behavior: fear for oneself, fear for the future, for one’s children. Such worries, without being truly pathological, can still harm everyday well-being.
The goal of this book is to bring to people suffering from anxiety who have not yet sought help elements to better understand their problems: anxious anticipation; fear that something serious is going to happen; fear of not succeeding; that things won’t happen the way one wants; panic attacks; tendencies toward OCD, panic, phobias… and offer them techniques to make their everyday lives more enjoyable.
But there are different forms of anxiety – how can we recognize them? How serious are they? How can we control them better? When is it time to seek treatment? This book answers those questions.
It is also meant for anyone who has minor anxiety, which is more or less problematic in certain situations, as well as for those who suffer from overwhelming and debilitating anxiety. An aid for self-knowledge and for understanding how to live better without anxiety in order to fully benefit from one’s life.