Éric Malbos, Rodolphe Oppenheimer

Psychotherapy and Virtual Reality Anxiety, phobias and addictions A new future is dawning for psychotherapies Publication date : November 12, 2020

Eric Malbos is a psychiatrist, professor, and researcher in the psychiatric center of the Conception Teaching Hospital in Marseille. For 15 years he has been practicing virtual reality therapy for psychiatric disorders within the framework of research and his clinical practice.
Rodolphe Oppenheimer is a writer and psychoanalyst specializing in anxiety and panic disorders, agoraphobia, and depression. He is the founding president of the Edgar Faure political literature prize.
How do you get back into an airplane, a car, an elevator, or public transportation? How can you bear the sight of a spider, a snake, a dog?
How do you stop spending all your time washing your hands, your house, checking things, tidying up? How can you be calmer, less anxious, and carefree?
Advances in digital technology have led to progress in the treatment of a certain number of anxiety disorders through the use of virtual reality. How
do these psychotherapies function, what are the principles behind them, how are they practiced, what do studies say?
The authors propose a complete guide to explain in a concrete and directed way the use of this innovative medium – virtual reality and 3D environments – for psychiatry and psychotherapy.
A book aimed at professionals, with descriptions of how to conduct sessions, as well as at “geeks,” fascinated by everything related to virtual reality, and quite simply at any person seeking solutions to treat their anxiety disorders.