Jean Cottraux

Rehearsing Life Scenarios Tomorrow Is Another Day Publication date : February 1, 2003

Why do we keep making the same mistakes? Why do our own histories keep repeating themselves? What is it that makes us repeat “life scenarios”, even if they do not suit us? And what can we do to change scenarios?
Jean Cottraux examines some of the major scenarios that shape human lives. Each scenario is analysed, the underlying psychological causes examined, and the dramatic consequences inherent in each one revealed. The author describes the myth hidden in each scenario and the personality type it corresponds to. He then goes on to explain, clearly and carefully, what can be done to break out of the pattern of repetition — and how to reinvent our lives.

Jean Cottraux, a psychiatrist, teaches at the University of Lyon-I and heads the unit for the treatment of anxiety at Lyon’s university hospital. He is a founding member of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy, in Philadelphia, and was formerly the president of the European Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy. He is the author, most notably, of Les Ennemis Intérieurs.