Béatrice Millêtre

Take the Life of the Good Side Publication date : January 8, 2008

Wanting to feel fine is half the battle.

Without manifesting signs of serious pathologies, most of us suffer from stress, lack of self-confidence and momentary tension, anger or nerves. In such cases there is no need to turn to heavyweight psychotherapies. Usually, shifting a few cogs that hinder our welfare or altering the way we look at reality will suffice. All we need to do is step back and take the time to ask the right questions so as to get our lives back on track. Mental welfare means developing a way of being and a state of mind that allow us to anticipate the future in a constructive manner and to find solutions to problems when they arise, so as to make the most of the present and to prepare a pleasant future for ourselves.

To accomplish this, we must learn to distinguish between happiness, pleasure, well-being, balance and harmony. This concise, two-part guidebook points the way to mental welfare: by showing how to make needed changes and by providing the tools to implement those changes on a daily basis.

The book offers a progressive method to overcome negative feelings, re-evaluate ourselves and make a fresh start. It provides the necessary tools to understand and then take action.

A diary included at the end of the book allows readers to jot down and follow their day-to-day progress. This is a book that will help boost readers' energy and morale.

Béatrice Millêtre is a psychotherapist specialising in cognitive science. She holds a doctorate in psychology and is the author of two books in Editions Odile Jacob's self-help series: J'éveille mon bébé and Bien vivre son homosexualité.