Jean-Pierre Pourtois, Huguette Desmet

At the Heart of Resilience Publication date : October 5, 2022

Jean-Pierre Pourtois is a professor in Family and School Education Psychosociology at the University of Mons-Hainaut, in Belgium.
Huguette Desmet is a Psychology and Educational Sciences professor at the University of Mons-Hainaut.
They have published a number of books together for the general public about education and resilience.

A reference book on what we know about resilience today and trauma support. Two researchers in psychology examine the definition of resilience, within a rich multidisciplinary framework. Psychoanalysis, philosophy, clinical sociology, human sciences… Fifteen approaches which explore resilience as a concept, social phenomenon and object of therapy. The psycho-pedagogy of resilience is then outlined, as a journey of encouragement, which creates a space for professionals, as well as patients’ loved one.
The book invites readers to see resilience as an “adventure” that draws on the power of creativity to give meaning back to life. The interactions between the subconscious, body and socio-affective environment are analysed with great finesse, from trauma to recovery. The process of resilience is nourished by a number of factors and resources that individuals can find within or around them. The book draws up an inventory of the multiple facets of individual paths towards resilience, supported by “resilience tutors” and artistic expression…
Supported by the study of clinical cases and testimonies, this book, with its precise theoretical definitions, provides an overview of knowledge on resilience that will enrich the reflection and practice of researchers and professionals working with trauma and recovery.