Boris Cyrulnik

The Mutterings of Ghosts Publication date : October 13, 2005

Affection is a vital need. If deprived of affection, human beings are known to attach themselves intensely to any event that seems to kindle a bit of life in them.
Those who refuse to remain imprisoned by a traumatic event, must free themselves of it — and even transform it into a tool with which to seize happiness.
Boris Cyrulnik explains how the din of past trauma continues to echo, even in older children as they grow up and try to weave new emotional and social bonds. And he argues that the awakening of sexual desire in adolescence creates a crucial moment for self-healing.
By providing a new approach to psychic suffering, Cyrulnik’s notion of resilience shows how the process of liberation can be constructed.

“A deeply compassionate book, simply and clearly written.” Le Figaro

Boris Cyrulnik is a psychiatrist and the author of Parler d’amour au bord du gouffre, 2004; Les Vilains Petits Canards, 2001 (Odile Jacob paperback, 2004); Un merveilleux malheur, 1999 (Odile Jacob paperback, 2002); L’Ensorcellement du monde, 1997 (Odile Jacob paperback, 2001) and Les Nourritures affectives, 1993 (Odile Jacob paperback, 2000).