Serban Ionescu, Boris Cyrulnik

Resilience: From Cells to Societies The 2nd World Congress on Resilience Publication date : August 10, 2016

• Boris Cyrulnik is a neuropsychiatrist. He is also the Director of Studies at the University of Toulon. He is the author of numerous works, all of which have enjoyed enormous success. His latest book, Ivres Paradis, Bonheurs héroîques ("Drunken Paradise, Heroic Happiness"), has just been published.
• Serban Ionescu is a psychiatrist and psychologist, emeritus professor of the University of Paris-8 and the University of Quebec-Trois Rivières.
• With contributions from Marc Blétry, Philippe Bourbeau, Evelyne Bouteyre, Lino Briguglio, Didier Genin, Colette Jourdan-Ionescu, Francine Julien-Gauthier, Guy Koninckx, Hubert Mazurek, Bernard Michallet, Gilles Teneau, Mihaela Tomita, Adrian Van Breda
• The great penetrating power of the word "resilience" intrigues us and raises numerous questions. Why is the metaphor of "bouncing back" so attractive and interesting? Why does it manage to find its niche in so many different fields? Does its widespread use create interdisciplinary connections? What does it bring to scientists and to practitioners working in the fields in which it has been adopted? Does its use open up debate?
• Fourteen academics and practitioners from seven countries (South Africa, Belgium, Canada, France, Great Britain, Malta and Rumania) attempt to answer these questions and present in this book the use and the value of the concept of resilience in several domains: psychology and psychiatry, socio-ecology, social work, rehabilitation, education, organisational sciences, material sciences, economics, culture, law and international relations. In this form, Resilience is the first international work of its kind.