Boris Cyrulnik, Jean-Pierre Pourtois

School and Resilience Publication date : October 26, 2007

Are we condemned to succumb to the trials? Falling on obstacles? To sink after a trauma?

For Boris Cyrulnik, this is not the case. We can resume our development after all our setbacks. But under certain sine qua non conditions that he has endeavoured to describe. We can be resilient as long as we find resilience tutors in our environment. Attachment figures that help us, young or old, to get out of it.

In this group, educational psychologists develop an idea presented by Boris Cyrulnik in Talking about Love on the Brink: that the school can be this tutor of resilience. They present resilient practices in the school institution, such as welcoming the disabled; factors of academic resilience, for example, against family abuse; processes of resilience, such as a sense of humour.

They show that resilience is a way of combating school failure. Boris Cyrulnik, a neuropsychiatrist, is the author of bestsellers whose latest issue is De chair et d'âme. Jean-Pierre Pourtois is Professor of Psychosociology of Family and School Education at the University of Mons-Hainaut in Belgium. Contributions from Marie Anaut, Cristina Antunes, Alain Bentolila, Évelyne Bouteyre, Delphine Burrick, Éric Debarbieux, Rollande Deslandes, Huguette Desmet, Carine Dierkens, Henriette Englander, Anne-Marie Fontaine, Daniel Gayet, Willy Lahaye, Line LeBlanc, Marie-Louise Lefebvre, Odette Lescarret, Pierre Mannoni, Michel Mercier, Émilie Morel, Bernard Terrisse.

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