Boris Cyrulnik, Philippe Bouhours

Sport and Resilience Publication date : November 20, 2019

Philippe Bouhours is a psychiatrist, specializing in behavioral and cognitive therapy.

Boris Cyrulnik is a neuropsychiatrist and director of teaching at the Université de Toulon. He is the author of a large number of works, all best-sellers, including the very successful Psychothérapie de Dieu [English?].

Today, everyone knows that playing a sport is good for our health, but do we know exactly how much it helps develop resilience, provided it is practiced in a supervised and regular way, and preferably beginning when we’re children?

Sports champions have a lot to teach us about what enables us to overcome adversity, whether in dealing with fatigue during training, adapting to the difficulties of competition, returning to one’s highest level after an injury, or continuing to improve, without getting discouraged, after a defeat.

Just as we aren’t born a high-level athlete, but can become one, we aren’t born resilient, but, with the help of sports, it is possible to learn to struggle and, to the best of one’s abilities, to develop the mentality of a champion.