Boris Cyrulnik

Ugly Ducklings

Certain cases of resilience such as that of Maria Callas or of the French singer Barbara have become legendary. Boris Cyrulnik evokes them here to show how resilience develops from early infancy, through a process in which the various threads of affectivity and the expression of emotions are interwoven.

“A message of hope for all children who have been victims of war, of misery or of the people in their immediate environment. One word summarises the only prospect of hope that lies in their misfortune: resilience. A generous and disturbing essay.” Le Monde

“An optimistic book that proves that if our defence mechanisms get into gear and a helping hand reaches out to us no injury is irreversible.” Elle magazine

Boris Cyrulnik is a psychiatrist and the author of Les Nourritures affectives (1993), L'Ensorcellement du monde (1997), Un merveilleux malheur (1999) and Le Murmure des fantômes (2003), all published by Editions Odile Jacob.