André Brahic

A Manifesto for Science Publication date : May 15, 2012

André Brahic is an astrophysicist and a professor at Paris-VII-Denis-Diderot University and at the Atomic Energy Commission. An internationally recognised expert on the solar system, he is credited with the co-discovery (with William Hubbard) of the rings of Neptune. He is currently working with the Cassini probe’s imaging team on the exploration of Saturn.
He is the author of the enormously successful Les Enfants du Soleil and Lumières d’étoiles and De Feu et de glace.

• Science is unique in its ability to capture students’ interest and attention — to the extent that André Brahic believes that it can play a crucial role in triggering the desire to learn among students with academic or family problems.
• Brahic urges France to help its research scientists carry out their work in the best conditions, to keep them from leaving the country.
• In a wider context, the book is a defence of science, in its most indispensable, significant and fundamental aspects.

• This concise book is a virulent manifesto, urging the French to realise the importance of scientific studies, in every area of society.

• André Brahic’s worldwide reputation gives additional force to the ideas he expresses here.

• Les Enfants du Soleil sold more than 60,000 copies; Lumières d’étoiles and De Feu et de glace sold 20,000 each.

• A book that will interest amateur and professional scientists as well as general readers.