André Brahic

Children of the Sun The History of Our Origins Publication date : September 1, 2000

Where do we come from? How did the sun and the planet earth first appear? Science has finally reached the point where it can provide increasingly precise and detailed answers to these questions which have bewildered human beings since their earliest days. During the past twenty-five years, space probes have enabled astronomers to learn more about our amazingly varied solar system than in the previous forty centuries. In Enfants du Soleil, André Brahic, who discovered the rings of Neptune, presents various aspects of the solar system and summarises 4.5 billion years of its history. The planets are the sisters of the sun, and we are the children of time and the stars.

Are we alone in the universe? Astronomers are beginning to study planets that orbit not-too-distant suns. Soon, they hope to find planets with similar conditions to those on earth.

'In Enfants du Soleil, André Brahic tells each one of us what we've always wanted to know about the cosmos. Nothing is missing.'

Le Monde

'The subject is captivating. But it's rendered even more fascinating thanks to astrophysicist André Brahic’s immense talent as a storyteller and to his ability to make a complex subject accessible to the general reader.'

Le Monde de l'Éducation, de la Culture et de la Formation

'A masterly synthesis.'


André Brahic is an astrophysicist. He teaches at the University of Paris-VII Denis-Diderot and at the French Atomic Energy Commission, in Saclay, near Paris. As one of the scientists studying images provided by the Voyager and Cassini probes, he has been contributing to the exploration of the solar system.