Sylvie Vauclair

Dialogues With the Universe Publication date : May 6, 2015

Sylvie Vauclair is an astrophysicist working at the French Astrophysics and Planetology Research Institute, a professor emerita at Paul Sabatier University, in Toulouse, an honorary member of the Institut Universitaire de France, and a member of the National Air and Space Academy. She is the author of La Naissance des éléments and La Musique des sphères.

In a series of 50 short articles, written in a lively, widely accessible style, Sylvie Vauclair examines the great issues of astrophysics: what is a nebula? What constitutes the Milky Way? Why does it dark get at night? Which is the oldest of all known stars? What is a black hole?
The articles, which can be read independently of one another, cover the indispensable topics for anyone who is fascinated by the Universe.
Explained in a clear, pedagogical manner, each subject is presented through tiny ‘brushstrokes’ of knowledge that add up, as in an impressionist painting, inciting readers to doubt, ask questions and learn.

• Essential, thought-provoking scientific information.
• Short, accessible articles, aimed at a wide readership, provide a clear overview of the latest findings in astrophysics.
• The author is an eminent scientist who is also a great teacher.