Michel Cassé, Élisabeth Vangioni-Flam

The Little Star Publication date : October 1, 1999

“ Somewhere out in the cosmos, at the heart of an immense cloud of gas named Cocoon, a star was born, probably the prettiest little star in the galaxy. ”
And so we are introduced to Star, who goes out to explore the great world, discover how planets are born, and how life appears…
Illustrated with humor and care with watercolors by Jean-Claude Carrière, here is the story of the heavens recounted, in the style of The Little Prince, by Michel Cassé and Élisabeth Vangioni-Flam.
Michel Cassé and Élisabeth Vangioni-Flam are both astrophysicists. Screenwriter, playwright, and poet Jean-Claude Carrière has published Le Dictionnaire des révélations, La Controverse de Valladolid and Conversations sur l’invisible.