André Brahic

Of Fire and Ice Ardent Planets Publication date : December 2, 2010

André Brahic is an astrophysicist and the author of the highly successful Enfants du Soleil. Besides teaching at the University of Paris-VII, he directs the Gamma-Gravitation research group for the Atomic Energy Commission, at Saclay, near Paris. He is credited with the co-discovery (with William Hubbard) of the rings of Neptune, in 1984.

André Brahic continues to explore the farthest reaches of the Universe, introducing us to the great variety of newly discovered planets, brought to light by recent technology. In a few decades, we have learned more about these planets and their hidden treasures than during the preceding centuries.
The planets that for our ancestors were just bright pinpoints in the sky are now revealed to us in great detail.
Regarded by some as sources of raw materials, by others as places to visit, these distant planets will soon become part of our daily lives. And this is just the beginning of a new adventure.

• With more than 300 colour illustrations.
• One of the greatest living astronomers, with a talent for communicating his enthusiasm, recounts a fascinating discovery and a major event in the history of humanity.