Yves Coppens

The Story of Apes: Yves Coppens Recounts Our Ancestors Publication date : October 1, 2009

Some primates disappeared millions of years ago, while others — gorillas, chimpanzees and, of course, Man's ancestors — adapted, survived and even prospered. This is the story, profusely illustrated, that Yves Coppens recounts.

Included here is everything one should know about the distant and recent history of the mammals that, after an evolutionary process of 70 million years, resulted in the earliest pre-humans.

Using the same approach as in his earlier, highly successful work, Yves Coppens raconte l'Homme (Yves Coppens Recounts the Story of Man), the author now explains the major steps that marked the evolution of life and of our pre-human ancestors. Though aimed primarily at young readers, this beautifully illustrated book will be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Yves Coppens' expert knowledge and storytelling talent coupled with the precision and detail of Sacha Gepner's artwork.

Yves Coppens is a palaeontologist. An honorary professor at the Collège de France and a member of the French Academy of Sciences, he is internationally recognised as the discoverer of the hominid Lucy.

He is the author of Préambules (1998), Le Genou de Lucy (1999), L'Histoire de l'Homme. 22 ans d'amphi au Collège de France (2008) and, for young readers, of Yves Coppens raconte l'Homme (2008).