Francis Waldvogel

A Tableau of Life Exchanges, Emergences, Complexity Preface Pierre Magistretti Publication date : March 11, 2020

Francis Waldvogel is honorary professor in the department of medicine at the Université de Genève, and former Chairman of the Board of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, University of Geneva, Switzerland.
What is our perception of the world?
With the help of our senses, wonderful but limited, we grasp that which is accessible to us; we put it into shape and order; in short, we give it significance through our mental processes. The result is images and concepts that we use on a daily basis: we see objects, a cloud that goes by, a flower in bloom, a frolicking animal, the living being that is born, lives, and dies.
But is that all that is really happening?
In his remarkable book filled with knowledge, scholarship, and sensitivity, Francis Waldvogel shows us how science, which today can intricately explore the world beyond our senses, is able to prove that the objects and structures that we identify (flowers, animals, ourselves…) are fundamentally fascinating surfaces of exchanges.

And what if exchange were precisely that which makes possible transformations, evolution and above all the emergence of those properties that amaze us -- that is, life, consciousness and feelings?