Israel Rosenfield, Edward Ziff, Borin Van Loon

DNA for Beginners Publication date : February 3, 2011

Israel Rosenfield is Professor of Intellectual History at City University of New York (CUNY) and the author of The Strange, Familiar and Forgotten, Freud’s Megalomania and The Invention of Memory.
Edward Ziff is Professor of Biochemistry at New York University (NYU).
Borin Van Loon is a British illustrator.

When James Watson and Francis Crick established the double helix structure of DNA, in 1953, they started a scientific revolution.
DNA for Beginners explains that revolution, placing it in its historical and philosophical context.
The amazing story of DNA is recounted here in an entertaining comic-book form, beginning with the discovery of DNA by Frederick Muller, in 1869, to Oswald Avery’s finding that DNA forms the basis of heredity and finally to the model established by Watson and Crick.

• A widely accessible educational text.

• An original, enjoyable presentation.