Patrice Debré

Revolutions in Biology and the Human Condition Publication date : January 2, 2020

Patrice Debré is professor of immunology at Pierre-et-Marie-Curie University and a member of the French Academy of Medicine. He has been department chair, director of a research institute at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, and French ambassador responsible for leading the fight against AIDS and transmissible illnesses.
This is the work of Patrice Debré, who argues against the proponents of transhumanism. But if sapiens has always sought to modify itself, notably to achieve eternity, as seen in the practice of cannibalism, the scientific revolution of the living being has enabled the human species to accomplish a true leap forward in its evolution.

Looking back at the recent progress in medicine and biology – organ transplants, cell therapy, gene therapy – Patrice Debré shows that it has made modified humans a reality, thereby redefining the human being, and postponing death.

Broadening his reflections to epigenetics (the influence of the environment on our genes and behavior), and to interactions between machines and human brains, he shows that biology is central and a precious guide for understanding these changes and for placing limits on them, those of ethics and treatment, which should remain in the forefront of what is important to our societies.