Édouard Bard

Humanity Confronts the Climate Publication date : February 16, 2006

What do we know about the Earth’s climate and the changes it underwent in the past, both in a geological time frame and during our own lifetimes? Can we foresee the climate changes that will occur in the coming decades and how they will affect our lives and our society? To what extent are human activities responsible for climate change? What can we do?
The answer to these questions rests on a variety of natural and human factors. A great number of uncertainties remain. And yet our knowledge of climate and climate change has progressed greatly in recent years.
Collected here are essays and articles by twenty eminent experts, representing a variety of disciplines from biology to history. In this book, the authors review recent research on the climate and its interactions with human life.
The issue of current climate change is examined here from a unique multidisciplinary perspective. The experts assess future risks, evaluate existing changes and envisage solutions.

Édouard Bard is a professor at the Collège de France, in the Chair of Climatic and Oceanic Evolution.
Contributors to this volume: O. Bar-Yosef, A. Bergé and M.-F. Loutre, A. Cazenave, M. Delmas-Marty, J.-P. Dupuy, F. d’Errico, R. Guesnerie, J.-M. Jancovici, J. Jouzel, Y. Le Maho, E. Leroy-Ladurie, J. Menard, D. Michelet, N. de Noblet-Ducoudre, D. Raynaud, B. Saugier, G. Schmidt, B. Seguin, J.-J. Valleron and A. F. V. Van Engelen.