Jacques Bouveresse, Jean-Jacques Rosat

Philosophy of Perception Phenomenology, Grammar and the Cognitive Sciences Publication date : November 1, 2003

Perception has been one of the classic questions of philosophy for a very long time. But far from becoming antiquated, it has been eliciting renewed interest among philosophers from different schools, doubtless under the impetus of research in artificial intelligence, experimental psychology and the cognitive sciences.
In this book, Jacques Bouveresse and Jean-Jacques Rosat have gathered the work of some of the most eminent specialists in France. One of the great merits of this comprehensive, synthetic work on the state of thought about perception is that it juxtaposes essays reflecting two major philosophical trends which have too often been regarded as antithetical: phenomenology and analytical, cognitive philosophy.

Jacques Bouveresse is a professor at the Collège de France. He is the author of Le Pays des possibles, Le Mythe de l’intériorité, La Force de la règle and, more recently, Wittgenstein et les sortilèges, L’Epoque, la mode, la morale and Le Philosophe et le réel.
Jean-Jacques Rosat is a senior lecturer at the Collège de France.

With contributions by Louis Allix, Jocelyn Benoist, Alain Berthoz, Christiane Chauviré, François Clementz, Jérôme Dokic, Pascal Engel, Sandra Laugier, Elisabeth Pacherie, Jean Petitot.