André Miquel

Two Stories of Love (Work of the Collège de France) From Majnûn to Tristan Publication date : January 1, 1996

How does absolute passion express itself in Middle-Eastern and in Western societies? To answer this question, intertwining erudition and sensibility, A. Miquel compares the lives of two famous couples: Majnûn and Laylâ, whose legend has been sung among Arabic nomad tribes since the end of the seventh century; and, Tristan and Isolde, whose story, one of the most beautiful of Western Middle-Ages, inspired in particular Richard Wagner.This compared study was the subject of a course given by A. Miquel in 1994-1995 at the Collège de France.

A. Miquel, who has published many books, including D'Arabie et d'Islam (with Jamel Eddine Bencheikh) holds the chair of Classical Arabian language and literature at the Collège de France.