Philippe Trouchaud

Cybersecurity Publication date : May 9, 2018

Philippe Trouchaud, a partner at PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), is responsible for the development of cybersecurity programs in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. In that capacity, he advises heads of companies in the CAC 40, international groups, and important Internet companies. The author of many articles on the subject, he is a frequent participant in meetings organized around the management of cybersecurity.
Criminal attacks aimed at computer systems are creating true paranoia: there was WannaCry, which affected 300,000 computers around the world, paralyzed the British health system, in the goal of holding ransom and spying on certain companies. Yet the attack was also thwarted thanks to the work of a young 22 year-old British “geek.”

Confidence: that is the key to advancing serenely in the cyberworld. This book shows that confidence depends on several factors, notably the ability to manage a cybercrisis. How better to regulate cybersecurity and enact common rules? What is the essential training that a company must be able to offer its managers? How can one choose partners in a security market that has become overwhelming?

This book offers concrete answers to those questions. Cybersecurity is henceforth part of a company’s branding, and as such it is a strategic element that managers and directors must know how to implement.