Génération Snooze

Snooze Publication date : October 23, 2019

Using the pseudonym Génération Snooze, two thirty-somethings, confronted every day where they work with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, describe the opportunities and the challenges associated with this technological revolution that is shaking up our societies.

In their opinion, it is imperative to face this technological challenge and to fully understand what it means: for the first time in the history of humanity, technology is beginning to learn!

From the impact on work to the upheaval of our relationship to time and space, including the inevitable transformation of the State, they invite us to anticipate and to better master this change.

They also propose individual strategies to rethink our careers and our life choices in the face of the impacts of AI.

This logbook, written on the fly from professional lives dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, invites us to think calmly but frankly about this technology without starry-eyed or apocalyptic assessments. The aim of this book: in the face of AI, let’s stop “snoozing.”

In other words, let’s wake up!