The Shift Project

Crisis, Climate How to Transform the French Economy Presented by Jean-Marc Jancovici Publication date : January 26, 2022

The Shift Project, a think tank created by Jean-Marc Jancovici in 2010, aims to clarify and influence the debate on energy transition.

This book presents the ambitious program of the Shift Project destined to lay the foundations of a new organization of the economy freed of fossil fuel energy, resilient, with a wealth of jobs and new expertise.

It dissects the economy sector by sector (mobilities, industry, health, housing, public administrations…) by presenting for each sector the essential requirements for transformation, the final objective, as well as implications in terms of jobs, living conditions, and the organization of society.

Its goal is to provide the concrete information of the debate in view of the upcoming presidential election, in order to carry out the Paris Climate Accords. An implementation that no other nation in the world has yet seriously undertaken, and with regard to which the land of Descartes bears a historic responsibility…