Michel Griffon, Florent Griffon

In Defence of a Viable World Global Change for Planetary Viability Publication date : August 25, 2011

Michel Griffon is the president of the Institute for Economic and Social Development Studies (Paris-I-Sorbonne) and of the French Fund for World Environment. He heads the Ecosystems and Sustainable Development programme for France’s National Research Agency.
His son Florent Griffon is an analyst with Dexia Asset Management, in Brussels.

We are witnessing global changes affecting the environment, the world economy and social inequalities. Extreme climatic events, increased social tensions resulting from food shortages, unstable financial markets, the emergence of new conflicts: all these interrelated phenomena form a complex global system escaping state control and tending to evolve towards non-viable situations.
Michel and Florent Griffon show us here how the next four decades will be crucial if we are to avoid a catastrophic scenario. They also show how and under what conditions it is still possible, if we act now, to elaborate global governance with the goal of assuring environmental, economic, social and human viability.
The goal of this book is to jolt us into an awareness of the complex dangers that threaten us and to propose the equally complex solutions we must urgently implement by 2050.