Christian Rémésy

Sustainable Food Publication date : November 18, 2010

Christian Rémésy is a nutritionist and a research fellow at France’s National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA). He is the author of Que mangerons-nous demain? (2005).

Higher quality, decreased industrialisation, greater respect for the environment and therefore for the consumer: that is what sustainable food means. Consuming quality food that respects the environment will also enable us to protect and maintain health while preventing disease.
Christian Rémésy argues here that we should urgently change our dietary system. In the interests of all, we must rapidly find alternative methods of food production. We must then change the way we consume, develop sustainable agriculture (which is distinct from organic agriculture) and adopt a form of nourishment that is respectful of the planet and of human health and well-being. Agricultural production, its nutritional quality and its impact on our health are all intimately linked. We will not be able to establish a truly preventive form of food consumption without reviewing our production models.
Besides establishing dietary principles that naturally play a protective role for human health, this book offers numerous specific solutions that can be easily and individually applied: a new food pyramid with recommendations for each specific food type.
Solid advice for sustainable change!

• The environment has become a major concern.

• The author urges more responsible food choices.

• If we wish to eat better to protect our health, we must re-examine our choices regarding agriculture and agribusiness-food production, both of which have a major impact on our nutritional needs and on consumer behaviour.

• The author explains how to establish eating habits that are truly preventive.