Jean-Louis Fellous

Tempest Warning The New Climatic Order Publication date : January 1, 2003

Greenhouse effect, global warming, holes in the ozone layer, Kyoto agreement, pollution quotas, sustainable development... All these terms evoking a threat to the Earth’s climate once sounded a bit esoteric. They are now pretty much part of our ever-day language. But is the Earth’s climate really threatened? Is it true that we are heading toward global warming? And if so, what is the time frame? How serious will such changes be? What will be the consequences on our lives and those of our children and grandchildren? What are the causes? Will we be able to face up to the challenge of these changes? Should we — and can we — take action now, and how? This book sets out to explain the various aspects of climate change and to guide readers through a maze of information that often fails to distinguish between meteorological cycles or annual fluctuations and lasting climatic change. This book will help readers understand the physical phenomena that make up the Earth’s climate, as well as the possible consequences of the natural and human alterations which have been inflicted on it. Based on the GIEC’s recent conclusions, the author makes a careful and precise assessment of the certainties and uncertainties surrounding the issue of lasting climate change. He lists the (very few) pleasant surprises that we can expect, as well as the less pleasant and frankly unpleasant ones. Finally he makes a plea for a concerted effort on a global scale. Perhaps it’s not yet too late...

A specialist in the atmosphere by training, Jean-Louis Fellous was the French expert in charge of the oceanographic satellite Topex/Poseidon. He directed the Earth observation programmes for the Cnes (Centre national d’études spatiales) and has held important positions in international bodies concerned with the study of the Earth’s climate and environment. He currently heads ocean exploration for Ifremer (Institut français de recherche pour l’exploitation de la mer).