Harald Fritzsch

E=mc2 A Formula which Changes the World Translated from the German by Annie Brignone. Publication date : August 1, 1998

One fine summer day, a Swiss professor of physics, while visiting Cambridge, bumped into a stranger who bore a uncanny resemblance to….Isaac Newton. A conversation was struck up between the two. The man was curious to know more about modern physics. Yes, this was indeed the illustrious author of Principia Mathematica. The two comrades decided to go to Berne, where our professor taught. Sitting in his office was a little man with wild hair who seemed to challenge them with his sparkling eyes. Could this be Einstein himself ? In front of our astounded professor, the two men clash in a dazzling dialogue which would lead them to visit the particle accelerator in Geneva. Who will triumph ? Newton or Einstein ? The old or the modern ? Who will convince the other ? Will the inventor of classic mechanics cede to the power of relativity ?
All this might only be a dream. However, it still provides the occasion for a fascinating meeting between two scientific geniuses and for the reader, the most effective way to be introduced to the mysteries of physics by those who have themselves revolutionised the field.

Professor of physics at the University of Munich, Harald Fritzsch is also an associate professor at the CERN of Geneva, and at the California Institute of Technology of Pasadena, in California.