Académie d'agriculture de France

The Big Book of Trees and Forests Draw a forest for me Publication date : October 21, 2020

By members of the Académie d'agriculture de France, under the direction of Yves Birot, Honorary Head of Department of Forestry Research at INRA, and Georges-Henri Florentin an agricultural engineer, specialising in wood industries.
Trees are very popular today, and everyone knows they hide the forest.
Indeed, that is their raison d’être, and where the keys to their future may be found. Behind the tragedy of the Amazon forest, of tropical deforestation and massive fires, beyond the myth of the “primal” forest, what is actually happening to our forests? Here, the most eminent experts provide the facts necessary to fully appreciate the complexity of the issue.
How can the maintenance of biodiversity and the forest ecosystem be reconciled with industrial or domestic exploitation of wood? To whom do forests belong, and how can they be managed? How can we support this source of renewable energy in these days of climate change? Will we soon see “certified forests” with green labels?
The entire universe of wood is revealed here, taking into account both the quest for profitability and the imperative need to manage, as carefully as possible, these spaces that are vital for humanity.
A return to nature is foremost a healthy management of our forests.