Alexandre Meinesz

Protecting Marine Biodiversity Publication date : August 25, 2021

Alexandre Meinesz is professor emeritus at the Université Côte d’Azur. An algae specialist, he was the one who sounded the alarm about the invasion of “killer algae” – Caulerpa taxifolia. A lieutenant in the French navy, professional diver, aquanaut, member of several scientific boards of marine parks, he has dedicated his research to an understanding and protection of marine biodiversity.

The protection of marine biodiversity calls for the implementation of effective measures. And in this goal, a precise identification of the types of pollution that harm marine life is essential. But, up to now, we have too often equated that which is harmful to biodiversity with that which harms ourselves, our health, our economy, and our well-being.

This book, written by an expert on Mediterranean marine life, offers a new approach to the attacks on that life, and new criteria to hierarchize each type of pollution depending on its impact on marine or human targets.

Using the Mediterranean as an example, this analysis aims to prioritize the struggle against the most harmful threats: overfishing and the degradation of the coastline. It promotes a better defense of ocean species and spaces.

If nothing is done to better address the impact of pollution in the Mediterranean, the combined effects of greenhouse gases and the introduction of species will lead to a modification of its marine biodiversity in the near future.