Jean Jouzel, Pierre Larrouturou

To avoid climate and financial chaos Publication date : November 22, 2017

America First! In the name of the interests of the American People, Donald Trump decided to pull the United States out of the Paris Agreement.

The American president asserts:
1. That the human origin of global warming has not been proven, and
2. That to implement the commitments to reduce greenhouse gases as set forth in the Agreement would “kill employment and trade.”

Europa First! We want Europe to be the first to prove “grandeur nature,” to show that not only is safeguarding the climate not an obstacle to social well-being, but that the struggle against climate deregulation is a powerful means to fight against unemployment and insecurity.
To improve the understanding and ownership of climate issues by everyone concerned (citizens, elected officials, farmers, industrialists, etc…): no, global warming is not an imaginary construct. It has increasingly visible and serious consequences. It is in all of our interests to act forcefully to limit its impact. This issue doesn’t just concern climatologists and heads of state; it affects each one of us. Each one of us can act.
To find permanent and adequate funding to finance the enormous energy transition project (energy economies and the development of renewable energies).
According to Nicholas Stern, if we hope to have a chance at winning the race initiated against climate deregulation, each country must devote 2% of its GDP to it annually and over the long term. 2% of the French GDP amounts to 42 billion to earmark each year. How can this rather considerable sum be extracted when our public finances are already shrinking? Clearly, there is no single solution, but it is essential to open a debate on the financing of the energy transition through the issuance of currency.

The publication of this book will be the occasion for the launch of the campaign at the beginning of November 2017: the film by Al Gore, which opens in Europe on November 1, and the COP 23 which will be held in Bonn from 6 to 17 November, will contribute to placing the climate crisis in media headlines. The climate will again be discussed a few months later when the IPCC makes its special report available to the public. Then during the heatwaves and/or flooding of 2018, then in November 2018 when Poland hosts the COP 24…