Jean-Pierre Changeux

Genes and Culture (Work of the Collège de France) Annual Symposium Publication date : September 1, 2003

Guillaume Balavoine : Animal evolution and the origin of the brain
Bénédicte de Boysson-Bardies : Babble and culture
Stanislas Dehaene : The cerebral foundations of cultural acquisition; Reading
Jean Guilaine and Eric Crubézy : The "Stone Ageing" of Europe
Jean-Pierre Bourgeois : The development of cerebral connectivity; The last step in the process of individualisation?
Claude Hagège : Language and languages, between the biological and the social
Jean Gayon : Cultural evolution; The spectre of possibilities
Georges Guille-Escuret : Chatting genes and talking nature: Narcissus versus Candide?
Peter R. Marler : Vocal traditions and animals; The learning instinct
Armand de Ricqlès : Natural history, neurosciences, society
Daniel Shultz : Neurons and learning
Dan Sperber : Culture and modularity
Bernard Walliser : Rationality, evolution and the origin of institutions

Symposium, held at the Collège de France, 2002