Alexandre Moatti

The Essentials: Physics and Mathematics for Everyone Publication date : September 1, 2011

Alexandre Moatti is a senior mining engineer and a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique.

The exceptional scientific creativity of the twentieth century revolutionised our way of life and the framework in which we think. Gathered here are the main findings in mathematics and physics of the past century. Each new discovery is given on a separate page, with a description of its underlying concept and the reasoning that allows us to understand it.
Hilbert’s axioms, Gödel’s theorems, restricted relativity, Einstein’s general relativity — among other notions — are presented here in a manner that can be understood by the general reader.

• This book examines the fundamental concepts of contemporary mathematics and physics in clear, accessible language.
• Thanks to its practical, concise format, the book can be used as a handy reference work. Perfect for students. An indispensable tool.