Anouk Grinberg

The Actor, the Game, and the “I” Publication date : September 15, 2021

For more than forty years, Anouk Grinberg has been a stage and film actress. She began to act when she was a child, without attending any acting school. She has received many awards for her performances. In addition to her acting career, she paints and exhibits regularly. She is the editor of a collection of letters of Rosa Luxemburg (L’Atelier, 2009), material she then transformed into a stage performance, and an anthology of “raw art” writings Et pourquoi moi je dois parler comme toi? [And Why Must I Talk Like You?] (Le Passeur, 2020).

How does one inhabit the skin of another? To what degree must actors believe in what they are playing to be believed? How can they act on demand those emotions so elusive to us all? Do the stories they play become real for them, as real as real life?

Here, actors will tell us what goes on in their heads and their bodies. Neuroscientists will tell us how our brains work “in a normal state.” We will discover along the way that our brains are constantly acting without our knowledge. To exist in the world is always to create films for oneself. To live is to imagine a lot. Fiction is at the heart of our lives.

Step by step, we will seek to understand how the entire brain works on its metamorphoses, from the most developed layers to the most ancient strata: consciousness, the power of words, intuition, empathy, the subconscious, emotions, the memory of the species…

Of course, our experience as the audience is not forgotten: what goes on in our head when we live what we see? When the show is good, we are far from just a cultural outing!