Colette Chiland, Jean-Philippe Raynaud

The Brain, the Psyche and Development Publication date : June 4, 2014

Colette Chiland is a university professor. She has taught psychology, child-and-adolescent psychopathology and clinical psychology at Paris-Descartes University and she has worked as a psychiatrist at the Alfred Binet Centre (Paris). She is the author of Changer de sexe and Sois sage, ô ma douleur, published by Editions Odile Jacob.
Jean-Philippe Raynaud, a child-and-adolescent psychiatrist and psychopathologist, is a university professor working at the teaching hospital of the University of Toulouse. In addition, he heads the Haute-Garonne’s university department of child-and-adolescent psychiatry.

The extraordinary scientific advances of the past few decades have modified our approach to child-and-adolescent psychiatry. How has the work of the clinician been affected by recent findings in the neurosciences? How has psychiatry — and more specifically child-and-adolescent psychiatry — evolved?
That is the subject of this book, with contributions by some of the major names in the fields of psychiatry and neuroscience.
How can a child’s brain say ‘I’? How does environment influence the child’s mental health? Which neuronal mechanisms come into play in the acquisition of reading and elementary maths skills? What role should evidence-based medicine play in determining knowledge and clinical practice in paediatrics? How can a difference, such as precocity, become a source of fulfilment rather than of isolation?

• Contributors include the internationally renowned psychiatrists C. Chiland, D. Marcelli, M.R. Moro, J.P. Raynaud, S. Tordjman, S. Kermarrec, J.H. Guignard, B. Falissard, O. Omigbodum, C. Newnham, K.J. Zucker and M. Belfer.
• Also included here are contributions by the eminent neuroscientists P. Magistreti, F. Ansermet and M. Piazza.
• Recent research on the mental development and treatment of children, examined with a variety of approaches.