Lucy Vincent

Coming to Terms With Love Publication date : June 7, 2007

We know much more than ever before about the apparent madness that overwhelms the brain when we fall in love, and we have a greater understanding of the biological reasons that lead couples to break up. More is also known about what keeps some couples together and the secret of their happiness. But knowing more about how love functions does not mean we are capable of using our knowledge. Some couples fall in love and stay in love for a long time — but this is not what happens to most of us. Why? Is there something about contemporary life that puts obstacles in love's path? In this book, Lucy Vincent dissects love, discussing neurons, the nervous system and hormones. She argues that we do not love with our hearts but with our brains. She shows that a better understanding of the biological mechanisms that underpin the feeling of “being in love” can guide us in our quest for love.

Lucy Vincent is most notably the author of the bestselling Comment devient-on amoureux ?