Jacques Ninio

The Imprint of the Senses (Coll. Opus) (New Edition) Publication date : January 1, 1996

“In the half-light of the equatorial forest, the rays of sunlight create through the archways of trees a random pattern. Random ? Not for the pygmy hunter. In the heart of the vegetation, his sharp eyes make out the fragments of another structure, that of a panther crouching in the foliage. The survival of the pygmy depends on an anti-camouflage weapon, given through the process of evolution, that of stereoscopic vision. One in every twenty people doesn’t possess this skill : he lives in a two-dimensional world and would be torn in pieces by the panther before seeing anything. It is possible to verify this by chasing a leopard but there does exist a less dangerous yet just as interesting way : read The Imprint of the Senses.”
L'Événement du Jeudi