Armin Schnider

The Injured Brain How to Help Recovery Publication date : November 23, 2022

Armin Schnider is head of the neurorehabilitation department at Geneva University Hospital and a professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Geneva. His department aims to promote recovery, autonomy and the best possible quality of life for patients who have suffered a brain injury (stroke, cerebral trauma, inflammation of the brain, etc.).

- Can the brain recover? How are our cognitive abilities affected after a stroke? Dr Schnider invites readers to meet patients recovering from brain injuries in his neurorehabilitation department. This book explains the consequences of these lesions, which can affect memory, spoken or written language, spatial awareness, the connection between the cerebral hemispheres, etc. Based on descriptions of his patients’ conditions, he provides a concrete overview of what neuroscience can teach us about the brain’s functions and dysfunctions.
- A book that proves that neuroscience is above all a human medicine that is close to patients. The author transcribes his daily clinical interviews with patients and reproduces their writing and drawing exercises, thus providing an insight into the issues and difficulties they face. Readers can discover how patients learn to talk, walk and remember again… In other words, how one can “re-educate” the brain when certain functions have been damaged. Patient testimonials also provide real-life examples of the, sometimes spectacular, path to recovery.
- This book highlights the remarkable progress that has been made in brain-injury care, and the wealth of resources available: surgery, drugs, physiotherapy, virtual reality, occupational therapy, speech therapy, neuropsychology, etc. It is also possible to accompany and improve the rehabilitation of the brain with robotic, virtual reality and the user of stem cells.