John R. Searle

The Mystery of Consciousness Translated from english by Claudine Tiercelin. Publication date : November 1, 1999

The workings of the brain and the mystery of human consciousness are two of the most important issues that contemporary science and philosophy must address. Yet most people continue to regard consciousness as something akin to magic that cannot be reduced to physical phenomenon. Described in such terms, it is inevitable that consciousness should remain completely enigmatic.
According to John J. Searle, we should stop regarding human beings in dualistic terms. Whether we like it or not, states of consciousness are the result of neurological processes. How can a satisfactory biological explanation we reached ? The author, one of the most renowned in the field of philosophy of the mind, offers a critical reflection on some of the major ideas that are now under discussion.

John R. Searle teaches at the University of California at Berkeley. He is the author of many books, including ?